Kirulhiya Maldives Guesthouse - Omadhoo Island

My experience within the Maldives was based on an island called Omadhoo, in a guest-house called 'Kirulhiya guest-house'. With Kirulhiya, being a fish which is found in the Indian Ocean. I travelled with my brother, and his girlfriend.

Before arrival to the Maldives I did not know what to expect. I had envisioned of course being in paradise, but to the extent of what I experienced, I could have never imagined.

When arriving to the Island of Omadhoo, which was a 1 hour and 40-minute boat journey from the capital Malè, and cost $25 USD one-way, we entered the port to the most aquatic waters I had ever seen.

We were greeted off the boat by Ahmed, the owner of Kirulhiya guest-house were we would be staying. Ahmed kindly took our bags on a hand-made wooden carriage, and escorted us to the guest-house, which was a 250-metre walk.

The rooms where presented as if we were staying in a 5-star accomodation, with my name being made with palm-trees, and a manta-ray created from the towels. The air-conditioned rooms, were also dreamy, escaping the 30 degrees, 11:00 am heat. I felt rude sleeping on the bed.

After dropping our bags we left our rooms to explore the surroundings. Something which on Omadhoo island, entails only a 20 minute slow walking lap.

We stepped out of Kirulhiya guest-house to find we are located directly on the beach, where there were two docked up fishing boats.

We wondered left from the guest-house about 50 metres, to find a pier on the island were there was a group of ladies fishing. The pier looking like a photo you would see on Instagram, or a postcard with someone cycling along it with sharks swimming underneath.

The Beauty of the island is something which struck me instantly. I couldn’t believe that there was a real place which existed like this. The sea was a sapphire blue colour, with you being able to see the surface.

Looking back at the island from the pier, reminded me of the island in ‘Castaway’ with Tom Hanks.

My first impressions. WOW!

We strolled back to Kirulhiya guest-house and changed into our beach wear. On the island there is a section where tourists can relax, which has been relevantly been called ‘bikini beach’.

The beach is a 2 minute walk to the north of the island, and is specifically designated for tourists as the Maldives is entirely a Muslim country. This Meaning girls have to cover up their skin.

You walk through from a road a palm trees onto the picturesque bleached white sandy beach, where there are two umbrellas and a number of deck chairs. The island anchors round to in a horse shoe, with a the sand bank appearing and disappearing with the low and high tide.

Kirulhiya guest house, has a three seated kayak which is docked on ‘bikini beach’ for you to entertain yourselves and explore the corals of the island at your accord.

We decided to venture out on the kayak taking our snorkels with us to see what lies beneath the waters.

After snorkelling on a number of myself in Australia, especially in the Great Barrier Reef the coral is littered with an array of fish, the coral here was as diverse as I had ever experienced.

Our first dive saw us seeing, an eagle ray, a sting ray, and absurd number of tropical fish. To top this off, as we made our way back to the shore, and as the sun was beginning to set, a trio of dolphins appeared just off the ‘drop’.

“What even is this place?” I thought to myself.

This followed by a sunset of the deepest orange. I was left speechless already.

I remember laughing in astoundment, the only problem I thought to myself was whether each day could top the experience of my first.

The following morning Ahmed (Kirulhiya Guest house) owner had organised we have breakfast at 8:30am.

We had made ourselves coffees in the reception area, and we followed him outside of the guest house, onto the beach in front where there was a table and chairs set up.

A breakfast followed with two slices of toast two sausages and two fried eggs, accompanied with a pot of jam, something which quickly became a favourite of ours.

 (Breakfast spot)

We were officially in paradise and could not believe that a place of this stature could be possible for only $80 USD per night.

To BOOK Kirulhiya Guest House visit their website page or visit their Instagram page @kirulhiyamaldives.  

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